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We explore: Vivatech 2018

We'll be exploring all the great opportunities and innovations at VIVATECH, in France. 80,000 attendees from 103 countries and 8,000 start-ups will be there. Can you believe these numbers?! The start-up lovers in us can't wait to mingle and find the ones that we could empower.

The moment we will set our foot there we will have to juggle between the Hall of Tech and the sessions.

Most of the speakers on the list have disrupted their industry or built flourishing companies, they are leaders in sectors including telecoms, energy, automotive, mobile, and luxury. We want to get inspired by the different stories and their insights about the future of innovation and digital transformation.

Iconic tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Alibaba, L’Oreal, Ericsson, Lenovo, and Bouygues will also reveal their latest developments in the Hall of Tech.

Holoportation, meeting Alice and other robots, trying the HoloLens sounds pretty exciting, right?