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How we implemented an end-to-end software solution in the automotive industry

How we implemented an end-to-end software solution in the automotive industry


In the loop of technology changes over the last few years, the automotive industry is one of the last ones to be disruptive. But since competition in this industry is high, bringing changes is important to attract new business opportunities. 

Automotive companies have already made efforts towards digital transformation by creating new business models that integrate e-commerce. We have been technology partners for Summit, our UK client with extended expertise in retail, by offering them an end-to-end software solution.

What we brought to the table

Through the entire build-operation-support process, we've created the technology needed for our client's partners to integrate e-commerce in their strategy. This way, our client could help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and dealers to make a step forward and provide people a new way of buying cars. The objective was to reach the final consumers by implementing a complete platform with all the functionalities and steps needed to make a car purchase.

"Life gets better by change not by chance" - Summit

And we couldn't agree more. We strongly believe technology and innovation have an impact on our quality of life. With this in mind, we've delivered an end-to-end software solution that offers:



Together with our client's experience in retail, we've brought our support in the technical implementation by coming up with an innovative product. The platform was implemented with the latest technologies, having in mind the end purpose to help users from start to finish. Buying a car requires completing many steps, which can be overwhelming. Our platform makes the road to the final purchase less stressful. 

When reaching the car brands website, users can see the products available at the closest dealers in the area and book the car, see real-time expenses as they add extra options, payment integration and financial services with the option to access a credit directly on the website. 


Customizable functionalities

The option to personalize the car was a key part of our solution. Users can select their options by themselves without the need of going to car dealers physically, but still see their offers on the website. After selecting the car model, the personalization includes the exterior and interior options with each of their expenses details. In the end, users can see a preview of the car with all the selected options.



The platform can adapt and grow along the way at a larger scale, adding more car brands in multiple countries. Our solution for the automotive industry is available in France and is currently being developed for other markets as well.


White label integration

With our custom software solution, we bring innovation in the industry for Summit and its clients as well, adopting the latest technologies. Our client is working with leading brands in the automotive industry, to ease their journey into digital transformation. 


Other features:

🗺️ Google maps integration

✅ Progress saving in the user account

💰 Financial plan: cash, lease and loan

ℹ️ Customer service support 24/7


What it's like working for Summit

One of the major benefits when working on a complex project is that you can grow professionally and learn along the way. Coming up with custom software solutions is always a challenge, but the team's constant contribution has brought valuable results. The technologies we've implemented on the platform were: React, Symfony, Javascript, HTML and CSS.

When asked about what was like working on this project, one of our senior developers said:

"You are bound to think out-of-the-box and even have a decisive input to improve the product"

Our team has put all the effort to provide a complete and fully running solution within 8-12 months. We are still dedicated to this product by improving performance and bring more developments to this industry. The product will be extended further on other markets and we're looking to grow our team in order to continue to bring innovation for leading automotive brands. 


Are you up for the challenge?