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Highlights of 2018

We closed the year with 9 million Euro turnover and added two new services types in our portfolio: Business Transformation and Automation and Managed Applications. Now we are looking to grow the team by more than 50 new employees in 2019!


The company’s activity was focused on 5 main business verticals: retail, hospitality, fintech and insurtech, automotive and urban mobility and entertainment, looking to add two new types of services in its portfolio in 2019: Business Transformation and Automation and Managed Applications


“We planned the introduction of two new types of services in our portfolio to be able to cover as much of the solutions’ lifecycle as possible and to be able to deliver full services to our clients, from business consulting, to service delivery and managed applications”, mentioned Bogdan Herea, CEO and founder of PitechPlus.


We currently employ 270 colleagues in the development centres of Cluj-Napoca and Târgu-Mureș using them as hubs to coordinate the international activity.


“We are aiming to grow our number of employees by approximately 20% in 2019. The projects we have been working on have continuously increased in complexity and therefore we want to expand the current teams with well-trained professionals”, adds Bogdan Herea.


Growing the number of employees follows the trend on the local workforce market in Cluj-Napoca, where the IT sector sees an accelerated development. Currently, the number of companies has doubled compared to 2011; with over 1,240 companies active in this industry, 1 in 10 employees in Cluj-Napoca work in IT sector.


Today, our activity is exclusively focused on external markets from France, Switzerland, Germany, UK, USA and Belgium, looking to expand further in Scandinavia, but also in Romania, where the local environment is ready to welcome business transformation and automation projects.


Recently, we finalized the fusion with MindMagnet, one of the main Magento solution suppliers in Romania. This adds a new consultancy and project management function with complementary expertise in Magento ecommerce platform.


At this time, we ha 36 active clients from industries that include automotive, retail, governmental sector and banking. The company is looking to grow the number of clients, portfolio diversification by adding new areas of expertise being one of the main strategic directions for 2019.