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Napoca FM Show "Da Se Poate" - Bogdan Herea, founder of PitechPlus


"We, our generation, must work and show that we can, by doing the things fair, transparent and honest! I did not plan 12 years ago to get here. Ambition, the dreams of then did not go that far, "says the man who left France for Cluj and is determined to stay here, to change things!

He founded, in 2005, PiTechnologies, a software consultancy and online security systems development company. He had clients of the most famous: Louvre Museum, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Moet, and others. At present, PITECH + PLUS has a turnover of 5 million euros, 300 employees, and offices or operational teams in Bucharest, Cluj, Târgu-Mureş, Berlin, Paris, Lausanne and Dubai. He has also launched ACADEMY + PLUS, a computer science school in partnership with the prestigious 42 in Paris.

He is Bogdan Herea, president of the French Francophone Business Club in Cluj, and was invited to the 5th edition of "Yes it's possible", moderated by Anca Dinu.

Listen to Bogdan Herea here (in romanian):