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PitechPlus sponsors the women's basketball team U Cluj!

Liviu Alexa, the executive director of the U Cluj female basketball team, is not in vain, even if only 24 hours have passed since he accepted this position. After the morning announced that Farmec, the famous cosmetics maker in Cluj, agreed to financially support the team, Liviu Alexa has also signed an agreement that will result in a new sponsorship contract for the team.

"Mr. Bogdan Herea, CEO of PitechPlus, responded on a positive and timely basis to my request and I want to thank him publicly for giving me this certificate of confidence, knowing that we are not in a pink situation ", we will have a monthly, constant, invaluable financial agreement for U Cluj female basketball team. I am glad I managed to bring in two solid sponsors in one day, the gesture of these companies means an enormous level of image for the Cluj community, "businessman Liviu Alexa said.

According to the Business Magazin, Bogdan Herea, a former national physicist and mathematician, applied at the end of the high school for a scholarship at the L'Institut National des Sciences Appliquees in Lyon. He graduated in 1995 EURINSA, followed by a three-year IT specialization. He then studied and worked in France for 13 years; has obtained French citizenship but chose to return to the country in 2005.

He started at Cluj PiTechnologies, a software consultancy and online security systems development company. He has won a number of major clients - the Louvre Museum, the Cannes Film Festival, Cartier, Kenzo, Groupe Societe Generale, or Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy. Over time, the company has grown and the offer has diversified: consulting, creating and implementing IT solutions, security, business optimization and development.

New customers have emerged: Imperial Tobacco, LG, SNCF, World Customs Organization, E.ON Energie Romania or OMNICOM Group, and the number of employees increased from a few in 2005 to 160 in 2013 and 250 to 2014. the company has a turnover of 5 million euros and offices or operational teams in Bucharest, Cluj, Târgu-Mureş, Berlin, Paris, Lausanne and Dubai.

In 2012 Bogdan Herea received the "Entrepreneur Francophone de l'Annee" trophy from GADIF and in the same year he became president of the Francophone Business Club in Cluj.

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