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PitechPlus won the Innovation Award for the SME category at the 2014 CCIFER Awards


1. What was the reason behind the development of this service?

B. Herea Buzatu: The main reason we chose to invest in such a project was that in the long run education represents stability, balance and development from all points of view. As we investigated the premises of this project, we are increasingly convinced that we have taken one of the best decisions and hoped that the approach we have made to encourage others.

Beyond the affinity I have with the area of ​​education, the figures in this direction are not at all encouraging. We have an industry that works, we have a business card anywhere in the world through our engineers, but a negative number of resources versus demand. Last year, on job search engines, we monitored approximately 18,000 job offers in the major IT centers in the country, with an annual total of up to 10,000 university graduates nationwide. 8,000 unoccupied jobs mean an economic loss.

Another reason why we decided to move in this direction was to change the operational strategy of PITECH + PLUS. We see the opening for innovation and product creation and a turn of service area in the product area.


2. What are the beneficiaries of this project and what are the long-term benefits in the Romanian economy?

B. Herea-Buzatu: The main beneficiaries are students. They have the opportunity to study free of charge in Romania, after an internationally recognized curriculum. At the same time, the following beneficiaries are PITECH + PLUS employees, school is a health factor for our colleagues, a source of freshness and energy. Other beneficiaries are IT companies that open up a new rescue nursery and last but not least the universities we expect to collaborate in the future to increase together the number of people heading for such specializations and also to increase the young people's appetite for this profession.

From an economic point of view, it is hard to estimate at this time, but if a single student succeeds in using the tools that we have at his disposal to create a valuable business, it may be enough. In fact, the ultimate goal is to discover the entrepreneur's fiber in our students and create the right framework to launch tomorrow's innovative products.


3. What are the perspectives of the IT sector in 2015?

In the last few years the IT sector has been on an upward trend, and our team has grown at the same time. In 2014, our business success was again confirmed by a significant number of successful investments and projects. In 2015, our goal is to grow further in the light of our development plans. Regarding the sector itself, there are likely to be no significant changes over the previous year, but I think there will remain three important themes: the need to increase the human resources pool, increase the expertise and absorption of European funds, and target companies creating value through start-up hubs. Regarding the PITECH + PLUS company, relative to the human resources situation, as the project becomes mature, we aim to increase the number of specialized people by 10-15%.


4. What impact will the CCIFER Award have on the activity of your company?

B. Herea Buzatu: First of all, the prize came as a validation of the work and the sustained effort of the Romanian-French teams and we enjoyed it alike. At the same time, the fact that the effort is recognized and encouraged by the French community in Romania, one of the most active and most involved in the economic activity of our country, means once again a recognition in its most valuable form, not just for our company and for friendship and respect among our states.